Joy of discovering plug-in effects for recording.

I don’t claim to be an expert in recording or mixing and this post is just me expressing my satisfaction with both Waves Gold Edition and BBE’s Suite of plugins. If you haven’t tried them your missing out on a ton of great effects and mixing tools.

My biggest surprise was BBE’s suite. As a guitar player, I discovered BBE’s Sonic Maximizer in the early 90’s. I still have the rack unit. It always gave me a much fuller sound just using it alone. So today I wanted to see if there was a plug-in I could use that was a VST3. To my surprise there was! So I purchased it for $99. The suite came with the BBE’s Sonic Maximizer, Harmonizer, Loudness, and Bass3 modules. Instantly my mixes sounded 100% better, fuller and crisper. As I stated earlier I’m not much of a guru when it comes to effects and mixing but I really did notice a difference.

The Wave Gold edition is incredibly awesome! I just went through the presets and I was amazed at the clarity and effects I was hearing. The reverb is out of this world. The Gold edition was a bit pricey even though I got it on sale for $250 but the more I use it the more I believe it was money well spent.

I know it seems like I’m babbling and I might be but by just having these tools in my arsenal I feel that I can mix a pretty decent demo of my own original shit. I may just remix and re-master some of my completed stuff again. I’m in the process of recording a new song now that once it is completed I’ll post the results.

Thanks for reading, check out my main website for what I’m up to musically.

Published by Guitar Therapist Bachorz

I’m just a dude trying to share what I know or come across in this journey I call life. I’ve been a musician forever and a Berklee College of Music Alumni. If you have a chance want to share a comment, tell me I made your day or that I’m way off please feel free just keep it respectful.

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