Music as an influence

While I was sitting in my favorite chair today I meditated on the thought if music had played any role in who I am today. I started to remember music I listened to growing up, mostly my parents music riding in a car. It was mostly 60’s and 70’s music or anything by Elvis. I did listen to a lot of ethnic eastern European polkas as well. All pretty mellow stuff.

I started to think what my 10-year-old has been listening to on the same radio while riding in my car. The only real difference other than being more modern sounding was the lyrical content. For today’s music to stand out it has to shock or dramatize something that is not necessarily age appropriate for all groups of people.

So my conclusion has been that the next generation of adults will most likely be assholes. We are in trouble. Boycott rap or you will be doomed!

Published by Guitar Therapist Bachorz

I’m just a dude trying to share what I know or come across in this journey I call life. I’ve been a musician forever and a Berklee College of Music Alumni. If you have a chance want to share a comment, tell me I made your day or that I’m way off please feel free just keep it respectful.

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