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Today is January 1, 2019, and I see no reason why not to start my new blog today. I don’t know where it will take me but I’m sure I’ll learn a lot about this new thing I’m going to start. I’ve made a goal to write 5 great songs by January 31, 2019. I’m planning on taking a different approach to get to my goal. I’m hoping it will work to keep my focus and mind fresh on ideas.

So here goes nothing, my first step is to try to meditate for at least 20 min every day focusing on my guitar playing and any ideas that may come to me. I plan on writing them down and share as I go along. They might not make sense at the time to me or anyone but I’m hoping it comes together as I keep focusing on my goal and meditation.

As I go along, I’ll modify to suit what comes about. So within the next few days, I’ll post what happening. In this series, I’ll also play some of my ideas that come to me as well. In any event, I hope that I will meet my goal of 5 great songs by January 31, 2019. If anyone has tried this approach please comment on your experiences. I look forward to hearing from you.

Brian Bachorz – Earl of Quag



Published by Guitar Therapist Bachorz

I’m just a dude trying to share what I know or come across in this journey I call life. I’ve been a musician forever and a Berklee College of Music Alumni. If you have a chance want to share a comment, tell me I made your day or that I’m way off please feel free just keep it respectful.

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