Guitar Meditation Experiment Results Jan 2, 2019

Welcome my friends to another Blog post!  I’m very new to this blogging so I’m still trying to figure it all out…  So, I got a chance to sit and meditate for about 25 minutes today, immediately after finishing, I started writing down what I remembered.  It was interesting to say the least!  Thoughts starting moving very fast through my brain and I realized that its pretty hard to just not think of anything.  Once I began to calm down, I started to focus on why I was doing this.  Mostly to relieve stress, but I’m trying to see if some sort of higher power would assist me with writing 5 great songs by January 31st.  I’m still a beginner at meditating, its not like I’ve been doing this for years, but I think I got something out of my session today.  Mostly they were random thoughts coming to me but some of them seemed to move like movies on the back of my eyelids.   I’m not sure just yet what it all means but I’ve included a break down of some of the thoughts I wrote down.  LAST BLOG POST

  • I saw a lot of color like a rainbow swirling down but not like a laser light but more gaseous and cloudy.
  • Saw people but not any particular faces in motion, one that I remember was someone with long hair standing by moving water like a river or large stream.  A light seemed to be behind the person so the front of the face and body was dark.
  • Another image was a lightly covered rocky mountain top at dusk where I appeared to be looking out over the horizon, clouds were moving by somewhat fast.  It was like watching a black and white movie.  Crazy!!
  • I remember hearing subconsciously ” Dark into night” or “Dark into light” but I thought of a Dio song and I lost the thought.
  • I felt some positive vibes and a feeling like it was windy, maybe because of the mountain top vision?
  • I did get a melody in my head but I wasn’t sure what to do at that moment.  Should I have stopped and tried to figure out the melody or continue with the meditation until I reached my 25 minute goal?  I chose to continue meditating but I couldn’t remember the exact melody I’d heard.  Here is a short video I shot on my phone after.  In any event, I came up with something.  Link to my YouTube Page

I’m not sure what all this means just yet but tomorrow will be another day and experience I’m sure of it!  I’ve realized however, I probably won’t be able to blog daily with all my other stuff going on.  I will write down my daily activity in a book and when I get some time, probably every other day or two, I’ll share my progress.  This might just work!

If you have any comments or thoughts please let me know.

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I’m just a dude trying to share what I know or come across in this journey I call life. I’ve been a musician forever and a Berklee College of Music Alumni. If you have a chance want to share a comment, tell me I made your day or that I’m way off please feel free just keep it respectful.

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