How to create a great acoustic guitar cover

How to take a song and turn it into an acoustic guitar cover. I don’t want to waste a lot of your time so I’ll get right to the point. This is what I try to do when I create an acoustic cover of a popular song. Really love the song you are going toContinue reading “How to create a great acoustic guitar cover”

Guitar Meditation Experiment Results Jan 7, 2019o

January 7, 2019 I haven’t been having much luck lately with gaining universal knowledge through meditation and I wondered why.  Was I asking too much, was it all just BS, or was I just wasting my time with all of this?  So I paused and revisited my notes that I’ve written after each meditation andContinue reading “Guitar Meditation Experiment Results Jan 7, 2019o”

Guitar Meditation Experiment Results Jan 2, 2019

Welcome my friends to another Blog post!  I’m very new to this blogging so I’m still trying to figure it all out…  So, I got a chance to sit and meditate for about 25 minutes today, immediately after finishing, I started writing down what I remembered.  It was interesting to say the least!  Thoughts startingContinue reading “Guitar Meditation Experiment Results Jan 2, 2019”

Music as an influence

While I was sitting in my favorite chair today I meditated on the thought if music had played any role in who I am today. I started to remember music I listened to growing up, mostly my parents music riding in a car. It was mostly 60’s and 70’s music or anything by Elvis. IContinue reading “Music as an influence”

Joy of discovering plug-in effects for recording.

I don’t claim to be an expert in recording or mixing and this post is just me expressing my satisfaction with both Waves Gold Edition and BBE’s Suite of plugins. If you haven’t tried them your missing out on a ton of great effects and mixing tools. My biggest surprise was BBE’s suite. As aContinue reading “Joy of discovering plug-in effects for recording.”

How to use an Eddie Van Halen D-Tuna for Drop D Tunning

I just found this out myself so you might find this useful if you use Drop D tuning often. The Eddie Van Halen D-tuna is a device used on a Floyd Rose type tremolo system that allows you to raise the low E string tuned down to D to a E note. How it worksContinue reading “How to use an Eddie Van Halen D-Tuna for Drop D Tunning”